Adventures & Trekking


Adventures & Trekking

When people hear the words “adventure and trekking” they automatically think of hiking through the jungle a la India Jones or David Attenborough.

This need not be the case.

Both terms fall into categories from easy to OMG what have we done

Eg Adventure trips, you can go to NZ for high octane adventures such as bungy jumping from the Kawarau Bridge on the South Island  or even from the Victoria Falls bridge on the borders of Zambia/Zimbabwe

Not all of the adventure need be like this

For example in NZ you can take a jetboat along the Shotover river or along the river from Glenorchy and a gentle kayak back

NZ has everything in between as well. I myself went heli biking which involved a helicopter and mountain biking along very steep trails (again, they do have smaller trails)

For the trekking, you don’t all have to be explorers searching for the source of the Nile or the next person on the summit of Everest

In Nepal, you can take leisurely treks around the bottom of mountains or you can get treks from 4 days around the Annapurna Range which would suit someone who walks regularly (walking boots needed)

Also for the more adventures and experienced you also have a number of treks in Peru inc the famous Inca Trail. Again don’t worry if you think this is beyond you as you can always visit Machu Pichu by train as well.

Never let the words “adventure and trek” put you off…… we can cater to every ones tastes/budget/experiences