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Latest News – Our top six destinations for travel in 2020 – Rainbow Tours

  • 7 January 2020

    Latest News – Our top six destinations for travel in 2020 – Rainbow Tours

    As we welcome in a new year, and a new decade, we’re gearing up to make 2020 the best year for travel yet! The thrill of discovering somewhere new, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and sampling new delicacies is enticing more and more people to spend their well-earned money on new adventures, and with good reason – travel makes us happier! Here are our top six destinations for travel in 2020.

    6 Countries to Visit in 2020

    Chile : Chile is home to some of the most pristine and diverse landscapes on the planet. Ranging from the otherworldly, lunar-looking desert in the north, to azure lakes and radiant, textured glaciers in the south, and just about everything in between, Chile is a real magnet for wild and adventurous souls.

    Costa Rica : Small but mighty, Costa Rica is bound to be a 2020 favourite. Stunning beaches, dense rainforests, steaming hot springs and smouldering volcanoes, paired with an abundance of wildlife and plenty of adventure activities create the perfect holiday experience!

    Madagascar : Madagascar earns a place on the 2020 list due to its complete uniqueness. 5% of all animal and plant species are found here and nowhere else making it a fascinating and distinctive experience. It’s also beautiful, with avenues of towering Baobabs, deserted white sand beaches and teeming clear blue waters

    Botswana : Botswana couples exciting wildlife adventures with expansive and intriguing landscapes. Arguably one of the best safari destinations in Africa, Botswana offers year-round game viewing from the busy waterholes of the dry, arid summer to the thrilling hunts and new life encounters of the green season.

    Zambia : Zambia is our top choice for serious safari enthusiasts thanks to the genuine wildness of the 19 national parks, and it being home to some of the best walking safaris on offer. Grassy plains, vast wetlands, wide rivers, thundering waterfalls and lush forests are home to over 750 bird species and abundant, diverse wildlife.

    Ethiopia : Ethiopia’s draw is its diversity, whether that be habitats, wildlife or cultures. All this lends to an unrivalled choice of experiences and a tantalising blend of nature and local traditions. This year we are proud to offer two exceptional small group tours to experience the Meskel and Timket festivals, which give great insight into Ethiopian customs.

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